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Documentary Austria, Germany 2013

Aluminium is a fascinating metal: light, stainless and easy to process.
100 years ago, it was still so exotic that aluminium was presented at world expositions. The metal is an essential part of our daily lives. We drink from aluminum cans, use aluminum-containing deodorants and sun creams, and it increases the effectiveness of vaccines.
But also critical voices move into the centre of public interest:
Large amounts of resources and energy are needed for the production of aluminium. The extraction can lead to environmental disasters of considerable dimensions, as it had happened in Hungary almost one year ago.
Furthermore, scientists suspect that the toxic effect of aluminium could have an influence on modern diseases of civilisation like Alzheimer’s and allergies.

Format: 52min/90min, HD | Director: Bert Ehgartner | DOP: Christian Roth, Gregor Centner | Sound: Tom Ripper, Michael Hensel, Jürgen Kohlhauser | Editor: Angela Freingruber | Location Manager: Alexander Lehner | Original Score: Thomas Hohl | Voices: Howard Nightingall, Steve Crilley, Melanie Preston | Sound Mixing: Blautöne – Klaus Gartner | Color Grading & Visual Effects: make | Stock Footage: BC Salmon Farmers Association | Associate Producers: Elisabeth Hinterholzer, Michaela Andrä, Claudia Rabl | Editorial Staff: Linde Dehner (ZDF), Gerhard Jelinek (ORF) | Producer: Kurt Langbein | 

A Production of Langbein & Partner Media in coproduction with ZDF/ARTE, ORF and SRF | supported by Filmfonds Wien and Fernsehfonds Austria | World Sales: autlook Films


2012 | Cinema | Finished | TVDocumentary